T Minus 5 days and counting…

Today we started the day tying up loose ends with various vendors in Newport Beach, so we can sail Friday for San Diego, our last stop in the States before our Sunday departure for the Marquesas.

We had the bottom cleaned, chased down a few last spare parts, and bought lots of provisions and containers in which to store them. Travis spent the last several days emptying, cleaning, and inventorying every storage bin in the entire yacht, which enabled us to stow three weeks worth of provisions.

Tomorrow my West Marine rewards post, $250 for all the gear we’ve purchased in the past 30 days, so yet another shopping spree is in order. Use it or lose it is the rule with West Rewards.

Hard to believe that after 5 months of dealing with yacht truckers, marine electronics vendors, boatyards, riggers, sailmakers, water maker repairmen and mechanics, we have “Nor’easter” ready for blue water cruising. Hope nothing else breaks between now and Sunday..

3 thoughts on “T Minus 5 days and counting…

  1. Thinking of you guys on your day of departure.
    Wishing for a great adventure for you.
    Sail fast, be safe.
    Hoping to see you in Antigua for race week 2021 !


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