Newport Beach to San Diego

We departed Newport Beach for San Diego in a dense fog, Bob Marley blared through our Bose speakers with “No Woman No Cry”. Reality set in. Leg one, Newport to San Diego was underway.

The previous night I had beers with my best friend from when I lived in Newport, Max. We went to Malarkeys, an Irish Pub that was popular when my dad ran around “the peninsula” 30 years ago. We were catching up over Pacifico served in glass milk jugs, and I realized that this is probably my last time socializing with someone my age until French Polynesia. We had a great time, but my 0530 wake up for 0600 departure came a bit too soon.

My dad and I decided to cruise to San Diego since the wind was forecasted to be more favorable further south. We had 72 miles from Marina Park on the Balboa Peninsula to SDYC. After two weeks of cleaning, inventorying, acquiring spare parts, and forgetting to eat lunch because there are no chefs and there isn’t a buffet set out every day at noon (my yachting friends will understand this), my dad and I both were itching to get moving.

ELO’s “Mr. Blue Sky” was next on the playlist, unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate. It was grey, cold, and misting, wet enough to be annoying, while still not requiring foul weather gear. We hoisted the main sail for stability, but our engine was generating all of the wind. The Angler’s Center in Newport helped us with our new fishing gear, so at least we had 6 hours of trolling 6.5 knots, even though I would have preferred to be sailing. We were joined by a pod of about 100 dolphins, so the fishing was unsuccessful, but we had the customary playful ones cruising just off the bow, which is a good omen for the journey ahead.

Just a few friends.

We finally arrived at 4pm to a navy escort. An aircraft carrier was exiting the channel and we were on a collision course. The patrol boat had three 50 caliber machine guns and five soldiers, which was plenty for us to steer clear.

Vessels under sail do not have right away when it’s the Navy.

We docked effortlessly at the San Diego Yacht Club and my rinse down of the boat commenced. Some things never change. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon, as the forecast looks decent. At this point , we just want to get to sea. If you wait for perfect conditions, you never will leave. We are already sick of the traffic, shopping, and charging all of our electronics. Check back tomorrow for our last post until we get to French Polynesia! Cheers


4 thoughts on “Newport Beach to San Diego

  1. What a grand adventure you will have, Travis! My best wishes to you and your Dad for a safe voyage! Lisa sidner suydam


  2. I didn’t realize you’d already started the blog, so I just found it. I assume you and Hardy are in open water now. Glad you had the dolphin escort…a good omen. Can’t wait to read the next installment.


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