New page!

Hello friends and followers, we have exciting news! While my dad has spent the last several hours in the engine compartment – more on that later – I redid the home page and added an interactive map. You now can click the little sailboats, see links to articles where the adventures happened, and zoom in to the harbors with satellite view.

It looks like this.

Click here to see the map, or just go to to see the updated home page. This should make it easier to find your way around the site.

I am updating this from a night club with free internet in Tahiti. I’m the only one here since it is only 6pm, but the music and lights are on like it is 2am.

Cheers from Tahiti!

3 thoughts on “New page!

    1. I like your new page where we click on the ship and find your location. I actually bought a big world map so I can mark your progress, but this is better.


  1. Thanks, Travis . . . looks great. Nothing like high tech coming from the high seas! We appreciate your adding to our enjoyment of following you two (and sometimes three!) around the world!!! John Bacon


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