Land Ho!

Saturday April 30, as I relieved Travis to begin my 2000-2400 watch, the fine SE winds had already decreased from 15-20 to 10-15, and since we were headed SE, the boat felt less than 10 knots breeze at times, and our speed dropped below 5 knots.

We had already unreefed both main and jib, but unless we could get faster soon, our aspirational ETA Nuku Hiva before dark Sunday, 150 NM distant, looked doubtful.

Carl, Anrnstein and I, after confirming our abundant remaining diesel stores, fired up the engine, dropped the sails, and steamed under bare poles into Baie du Controleur shortly before sunset. Our total passage time was 18 days, 7 hours, 3 days faster than when Travis and I made our last trip. The big difference was that “EXcape” has double the fuel capacity and didn’t have to sail in light air to conserve diesel.

There were only 3 other yachts in the anchorage, where we enjoyed a relaxing evening in calm waters before heading over to the main harbor, Baie De Taiohae, the next morning.

First landfall after 18 days
Volcanic landscape
Entering Baie de Controleur

7 thoughts on “Land Ho!

  1. George,
    It’s been a vicariously wonderful trip . As a landlubber I can only imagine the challenges and rewards that you gave experienced.


    1. Unlike last time around, we have time for something other than sleeping when off watch, and since it’s not my boat, the myriad repairs one must address in port are NOT MY PROBLEM! So, I have time for the blog. George E. Steinemann



  2. Glad you made it safely to this beautiful spot. Have enjoyed reading reports of your passage. Did you get to see the total lunar eclipse?


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