Check Out the Interactive Map!

Hello friends and followers!

We have had quite a few new subscribers lately, so I wanted to remind everyone about our interactive map on the Where in The World Are We? tab (or just click this link). I recommend changing the map to satellite view to really see where we are. I updated it to include up to last week, and we will be more active soon with the Indian Ocean behind us and a month to explore South Africa and write!

I changed the map slightly. The blue sailboat icons contain links to posts at that location, while the red sailboat icons only have a sentence or two about what we did there, but no blog post.

Thank you all for following along through the first 2/3 of the trip. My favorite place so far was Reunion Island, with great hiking, beautiful beaches, and charming villages. My dad really enjoyed Vanuatu, and it was a close second for me too.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

P.s. I’m thankful for all of you reading my dad and my stories!

Please leave comments if you have ideas to make this page better. I’m not a web site developer so your feedback is needed.


6 thoughts on “Check Out the Interactive Map!

  1. This is awesome Travis!! Great job. It’s fun to see your course and to be able to get more info on each place. I’ll check out your favorite, Reunion Island. Enjoy Africa! I just emailed a friend of mine today that we need to plan our trip there. My husband doesn’t want to go and neither does hers. Girls trip!


  2. I think your blog posts are fabulous. I continue to be happy and excited for you both on this amazing adventure.
    Recently I was especially thrilled hearing about that moment you had with the elephant. I could feel what that must have been like. I would have been in awe and probably would have shed a tear. Can’t buy “that” at the mall.
    I wish you both continued fun with smooth sailing ahead.


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